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Introducing Chris J. Sanchez

With over thirteen years of experience in Texas politics, Sanchez is a seasoned professional who has completed six legislative sessions passing legislation for Texas energy, cybersecurity and healthcare. During his career, he has worked with some of the most senior levels of government in Texas including, former Chairman of the Sunset Advisory Commission and a two-time House Appropriations subcommittee Chairman. Known for his policies and time at the Capitol, Sanchez is well-established among Capitol insiders and policy makers. Sanchez has also been involved in grassroots political activities for over a decade and has a strong background in political messaging and fundraising.

Originally from Alvin, Texas, Sanchez received his bachelors in government from The University of Texas at Austin. Sanchez and his four-year-old son, Bradley, currently reside in Austin, and in his spare time, he is writing a book on military tactics related to major tank battles.