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Here at Salient, we are proud of our strong relationships with clients allowing us to provide a holistic legislative advocacy approach. Our expertise ensures that we are well positioned to develop and implement effective public relations and public affairs strategies for all our clients. The range of services we provide are all designed to effectively meet your needs and strategically manage your reputation.

Our services include: legislative lobbying, administrative lobbying, strategy development, grassroots development & mobilization, internal & external communications, and political strategy, advice and counseling.

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Capitol Connections

Our partners have 35+ years of combined experience both inside the capitol as trusted legislative staff and outside the capitol as professional advocates. We have worked with some of the largest industry associations in the state, on the most impactful appropriation items in the state’s budget, and on multiple issues of such importance to the state that they were listed as emergency priorities by the Governor. Our network of connections in and around the Texas Capitol spans all levels of government and the business community due to the reputation we have earned as hard workers with an ambition to make this state better, one bill at a time.